First shot!

Another blog. Why? Because I have been looking for the right free theme to develop a comprehensive photography portfolio. I already had “I also took calls on these cameras“, a display of cell phone pictures. Those pictures were taken randomly and lacked the total control one would have with the use of a SLR camera. I was also just toying with tumblr, a great blog-like-reblog-follow community. I found a lot of inspirational stuff there.

I currently shoot with a Canon Rebel XT that doesn’t belong to me (with a manual lens). :o) Trusty and easy to handle camera but I have been getting some visual artifacts lately; a glare across the image, so the colors don’t jump out at you. So my next new toy would be a DSLR. I’m loving the Canon 5D as a videographer but keeping my ears on the ground for reviews and new game changers.

In the meantime, I will post pictures from the past both digital and the 35mm stuff. Yeah, generation neXt wouldn’t understand, but once upon a time you had to wait for the pictures to develop.


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